Marathi Bhasha Diwas 2020

DATE : 28-02-2020

The ‘Marathi bhasha diwas’ was conducted on 28-02-2020 in Asmita college of Architecture to spread the awareness regarding the marathi langauge and its literature preservance and exploration. Faculties Ar. Vaishnavi ma’am, Ar. Smita ma’am, Principal Vinayak Nabar sir elaborated the students the importance of marathi langauge and how it can be spurr as a basic instinct for creativity. Vaishnavi ma’am spoke about the abundance of Marathi literature, the giants of the field like pula deshapande, visa khandekar, and their contribution to the literature with a ease. Ma’am also explained the narration of one of the beautiful poem by decoding it word by word so that the non marathi student can easily understand and absorb. Later Smita ma’am also talked about - how we can relate our basic design excercises with the stock of hereditary literature and come out with drawing inspiration from those tiny excercises - the wonderful projects. So she stressed on thing that don’t ignore the basics and take forward it to another level. Only mother langauge can be root of it and we can take it as boost. Principal sir concluded the session with the note saying not only marathi but any of your own mother langauge can be the source of creative things you do in your day today life so keep going back and learn and explore as far as possible.
Students enjoyed the session and mesmerized with the beauty of the language, which they have already with them but never gone to extent to explore its possibilities and unaware about its strength.  .